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    Road safety is among a great development challenge. Each year, some 1.35 million drivers, passengers, cyclists and pedestrians are killed on the world’s roads and nearly 50 million are severely injured. Sixty per cent of the global road deaths occur in the Asia-Pacific region. "Improving global air-land-sea road safety" as a only solution via the autonomous vehicles, proclaiming the Decade of Action for Roads Safety solutions by IAMI's 2022-2030, with the ambitious target of preventing at least 99% of road traffic deaths and injuries by 2030. As a twice of what requested in the UN-Resolution as 50%.

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Innovative spirit is at the heart of every dream. Every idea, every forward-looking step that will change our world begins with a vision.


We envision a future where we can live without borders and move freely. That’s why, for more than 20 years, we have been developing lightweight technologies, intelligent systems and sustainable concepts that make aircraft safer and cleaner - for our society, the planet and, above all, for us humans. This has also made us a pioneer in Advanced & Urban Air Mobility (UAM & AAM) and are your trusted partner. IAMI's plan to reach more than 18,000 highly qualified employees from nations working at 900 locations around Indonesia, we are there for our customers every day and promise. We bring your ideas to life and travel the path with you.


IAMI's supports you at every step of your product development and beyond.

As a long-standing partner of all major OEMs, we offer modular solutions for every system and every part, from research and technology to aftermarket services by holding all necessary industrial and regulatory approvals:


✈ EASA Part21 J;
✈ EASA, FAA, TCCA, CAAC Part 145;
✈ EASA Part21 G;
✈ EN/AS 9100 & 9110;


IAMI's has an unparalleled commitment to research. We are looking at new materials and processes to reduce costs and cycle times while meeting EASA CS-UAS and CS-Light UAS guidelines.
Support in the development of complete eVTOL concepts is a key part of our company´s strategy. Our competence starts with idea sketches, computer-aided styling (CAS), physical model-making and feasibility phases, before finishing with a production-ready eVTOL.
We offer engineering services beginning from working packages to derivatives to the complete development of your eVTOL. We are experienced in simultaneous engineering interlinked with our customer and have sound experience in working models with worldwide customers.


From simulation and testing of individual components (e.g., in the icing channel) to real flight tests of complete eVTOLs, indoor and outdoor tests are carried out across all development stages. For these flight tests, our subsidiary JAI-Global reserves several test areas in Turkey and ASEAN. In addition, IAMI's offers full Destructive testing aims to deform or destroy a material to analyze its point of failure. On the other hand, non-destructive testing uses inspection methods that do not damage a material or asset in any way. Also, the Inspectors use NDT in different scenarios. (e.g., Infrared Thermography (IRT)) and tests from its own ISO 17025:2017 and NADCAP AC7122 accredited test laboratory COLT. 

COLTS is respected for its precise and efficient testing protocols, client education, and outstanding customer service. COLTS help clients navigate the intricacies of standards testing. COLTS expertise, processes and data ultimately provides customers with a competitive edge and helps them market products with greater confidence. COLTS specialize in testing ophthalmic lenses, coatings, eye and face protection, military (MCEPS) and helmets, and to support your in-house testing needs we sell testing equipment and supplies.


High-quality exterior and interior tailored to your necessity.
Whether you want a whole solution structures or interior - as flexible as we are in our cooperation, one thing is always the same: You will receive the best solution tailored to your requirements.

At IAMI's, we identify the most important success factors for industrialization in the pre-development stage to be the intensive exchange of information between pre-development, product development and planning, transparency regarding risks and benefit potentials, and the pre-definition of technological transfer 
We offer extensive product options for eVTOL manufacturing and assembly, including integration of various products from one or more OEMs. Regardless of the specification, our solutions use automation and modularization to ensure consistent and optimal results. We respond to the increasingly volatile demands of the market and customers with intelligent working time models that guarantee fast response times and output flexibility. You enjoy the benefit of our best-cost approach as well as a shortened time-to-market through 
Wherever you are, we are with you. We are committed to highest customer satisfaction by offering you outstanding services, technical support and spare part supply 24/7. The service of our products is provided by authorized distributors and their network worldwide. Our distributor network has factory trained mechanics and guarantees professional service for your eVTOL throughout its life. IAMI's also provides trainings for operators and OEMs.
High-quality exterior and interior tailored to your needs Whether you want a complete solution, structures or interior - as flexible as we are in our cooperation, one thing is always the same: You will receive the best solution tailored to your requirements.

EXTERIOR - Form meets function and beyond
By exterior we mean more than just an aesthetic overall appearance. Our experts offer you customised solutions for styling, safety, lightweight construction and kinematics, but also for your individual requirements. We always do this taking into account the so-called 4 F (Form, Fit, Function, Fatigue) and, in addition, qualification and verification according to your specifications.
CABIN INTERIORS - when design dreams come true
IAMI's offers interior solutions that go beyond the conventional passenger experience. By combining the experience gained in the mass market for larger passenger aircraft with the specialised know-how we also have from developing and building interiors for small business jets, we offer complete, integrated cabin interiors that can be adapted to the different envelopes of various OEM vehicle designs. You decide on the level of comfort.

MDCOAT, an ice-repellent and self-cleaning coating that sets new standards for efficiency, quality and safety to prevent dirt, erosion and icing from building up on rotors, actuators and other exposed structural components to enable the best possible flight performance. 
MDCOAT-CABIN, permanent antimicrobial surface coating, in demand in a world that has changed forever, offers 99.99% safety against covered and uncovered virus types, gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria and fungi. 
NDT services. Fast, highly accurate and completely flexible. Our unique, state-of-the-art NDT technology service covers the Level 3 function for all common composite processes. We are the benchmark in the industry and can test even highly complex structures to your requirements. In doing so, we are faster and therefore more cost-effective than our competitors.

✈ Read more about the "MORROW” the Sustainable Mobility of Tomorrow. by KMWSH-IAMI’s.
✈ MORROW eVTOL Brochure | PDF

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Muayad Alsamaraee

(IAMI - Head of Innovation)

Muayad Alsamaraee

(IAMI - Head of Innovation)


About the Chief Innovation Officer - CINO: Mr. Muayad S. Dawood Alsamaraee 
Excellent innovation leader, typically required in technology-oriented industries that advance rapidly. Holds the required domain expertise to communicate effectively with any team, convey a unified vision, understand the inherent risks and advantages of a creative idea, and to command respect from the work team. 
Expert in the breakthrough Innovation, is an organization's process of reinventing or redesigning the corporate strategy to drive business growth, generate value for the company and its customers, and create competitive advantage. Or to develop new products or services that answer the needs of their consumers or create new demand for them. or continuously improve on their core products and make incremental innovation their second nature. or by taking existing products to new channels or markets. or Catch-up Innovation, which is a process during which the countries that are behind the technological borders try to reduce their technological gaps. For a company or country in the catch-up process, a suitable level of technological capabilities and absorption capacity is necessary. 
• Innovative Leader: With 25years of experience, in strategic planning, experience in executing innovative industrial Mega projects, preparing business and financial plans. 
• Innovative Leader: With 25years in strategic innovation, collective intelligence, technical experience, industrial experience, engineering experience. management experience, Creative thinker, Reading comprehension capacity, status quo, stamina.
• Innovative Leader: With 25years of skills for, Communication skills. Strategic thinking. Leadership skills. Creative problem-solving. Innovative Leader for End-to-End Innovation Process. Strategic innovator holds many patents globally.
• Innovative Leader: With 25years of knowledge, To Turn threats into opportunities, knowledge and communication skill, engineering and technical design Innovation skill, tests & evaluations skill, skill, executive management skill, National security engineering Innovation skill, 
• Innovative Leader: With 25years as an Innovator in Defense & Aerospace industries Innovation, Security technologies Innovation, Overcome threats Via Innovation, for society and the state. Tests & evaluations skills for products, systems, and solutions.

We are experts in design, industry, Innovation and Technology transfer, we are an global innovations specialist can create continually new opportunities. We have experience in building and developing technologies and solutions that improve the life of humanity through the smart innovation. We believe in knowledge that transforms community level of life to the best and compatible with the future-plans. We at IAMI's working to expansion our knowledge, and experience via the investments channels, which can share it with the others, which develop their business, communities, work and life levels within a mutual benefit plan according to the global standards. We do not believe in individual benefit and we believe in the benefit of all. Therefore, wherever we are, and we will be, we work 24/7 to create a prosperous life. the business innovation is a process of making something new or improved that better serves a business.

We are a global innovation center led Jointly by Inventors & investment professionals with know-how and experience as well as the shared passion and commitment to create value for our clients and partners with the expertise and offerings we bring to the table. Most importantly, we stay focused on what we do but are not conservative in our thinking and are always open to new ideas and challenges